Multiple Fully automated High Speed SMT Lines with

Supporting Infrastructure

Technical Capability

inYantra possesses a strong Process Design Team that helps in all stages of manufacturing. It also adopts various Lean Manufacturing techniques for better:

Supply Chain Management

We drive innovation in SCM with integrated value chains, focusing on core competencies and improving manufacturing scheduling and forecasting.

inYantra has strong relationships with component manufacturers and distributors to provide complete materials planning, purchasing and warehousing to maximize Customer Savings and minimize Customer Liability. The supply chain management engineers enable supply-demand matching, distributed order management, leveraged contract visibility and reduce gaps between forecasts and plans.

Materials Management

inYantra delivers significant business value through strategic sourcing, as a turn-key for consignment contract manufacturers, in such a way that our customers find value in our approach to materials management, from planning, procurement to inventory control.

The global procurement database allows inYantra to leverage our entire network, enabling us to provide customers with total flexibility at a competitive price.

Materials Planning

inYantra’s materials planning team is the window through which customers can manage consigned parts and acquire materials through our network. inYantra leverages experience in materials planning and access to a global network to help customers significantly cut their costs. The expertise in sourcing engineering and component functions allows inYantra to suggest them lower-cost alternatives frequently.


inYantra has a strategic sourcing environment in collaboration with a global network of suppliers to provide our partners with the lowest possible material cost and better quality and deliverability. Its strong supplier network relationships allow inYantra to optimize material availability, creating value for the overall supply chain and superior customer satisfaction.

Supplier Management

inYantra realizes the importance of stability in a supplier partnership. Our long-term partnerships with strategic suppliers allow inYantra to reduce cost, ensure quality and deliverability on time.

Supplier Quality System

inYantra constantly evaluates both existing and potential suppliers to clearly understand the quality system and production processes employed by them. Our team at inYantra is able to immediately identify problem areas that need to be addressed, reducing potential risks, thus ensuring the effectiveness and stability of our suppliers’ operations.

inYantra works actively with our core suppliers to ensure that they continue to deliver the value and quality sought by customers. inYantra implements SPC control/analysis, continuous improvement programs and conducts periodic quality reviews and on-site support to maintain an uncompromising level of quality in the materials.

Supplier Evaluation

inYantra conducts periodic reviews of supplier performance workbench based on the quality, cost, delivery and flexibility of past shipments. Our quality engineers and material planning team then use the results to update the supplier strategy and appropriately implement improvement plans. This evaluation offers 360-degree insight into the entire supply chain.

inYantra has developed exceptional techniques and methodology to measure supplier performance and develop suppliers, thereby reducing supply chain risk by setting performance benchmarks and evaluating suppliers against the set parameters.

Based on the results of performance evaluations, inYantra conducts audits of suppliers on a regular basis to understand the root cause of the problem and implements strategies to meet the quality demands of both inYantra and customers.

Integrated SCM Value Chains

inYantra drives innovation by transforming their traditional supply chains into integrated value chains by providing seamless and holistic solutions that are designed to meet best-in-class solutions with industry-specific functionality.

Exclusive RoHS/Green Line

inYantra, understand the business need of the hour for RoHS compliant product requirement. Aiming to be the best in class and meet our customer expectations, we deliver RoHS compliant product. Our State-of-the-art facility has an exclusive “Lead free” manufacturing line set up for PCB assemblies. Our rich experience on RoHS compliant products manufacturing for over a year, have established the skill sets/trained manpower and established infrastructure are capable to deliver highly effective RoHS compliant products.

Apart of “Lead free” PCB Assembly, we have built up expertise to supply mechanical & plastic parts, transformers, cable sets, consumables, bare boards etc… including packaging and labelling of products with RoHS compliant.

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