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Electronics Manufacturing Services in India - inYantra
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Services We Offer

PCB Assembly

inYantra is a leading provider of complete manufacturing services ranging from Printed Circuit Assembly to Complete System Integration and Box Build.

Box Build Assemblies

Our competency in providing end-to-end manufacturing services extends well beyond just PCB assembly. We are also capable of delivering fully packaged, integrated and thoroughly tested products.

Engineering Services

‘Design for Manufacturability’ (DFM) and ‘Design for Testability’ (DFT) are the two most crucial features of any new product. By ensuring DFM and DFT, we offer a distinct advantage in the marketplace to create the highest quality products possible.

Cable/Wire Harness Assembly

InYantra provides cable assembly and wire harness to a wide range of industries which are installed in a variety of end use applications.

Post Sales & Support Services

At inYantra, we provide MRO, i.e., Maintenance Repair and Operations, which encompasses all of the activities used to keep your facility or machine or product (and the equipment found inside it) in good operating conditions.

New Product

We are a global supplier of end-to-end solutions for electronics product development or innovation for companies looking to partner with us.


Varieties in a

10 Million

PCB Assemblies Per Annum

2 Billion

Components Per Annum



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